FONDIS: Smart fireplace? It’s a reality.

In our era of ubiquitous computerization and the widespread introduction of smart devices, smart become the most unusual items: household appliances, cameras, cars and even toothbrushes. How about the smart fireplace? It turns out that in the Arsenal of the French company FONDIS has a more… Ummm… “the Device”?

Fireplace FONDIS

You will be surprised, but since 2001, FONDIS offers buyers of wood-burning fireplaces, which can be easily integrated into a smart home. Moreover, in addition to the traditional functions of heating, these fireplaces can work and cooling, replace the familiar traditional air conditioning. It would seem, how is that even possible? It appears, based on the fireplace TME (namely, it refers to such a model line of the manufacturer) it is possible to implement a complete climate system, which covers not only the room or area with a fireplace but other rooms and easy to integrate with any control platform for smart home.

FONDIS hybrid fireplace

Let’s start simple. How to construct a modern fireplace insert. In fact, it’s a sealed metal box with a glazed door. Through containment, we can adjust the flow of air inside the furnace and means to control the intensity and duration of burning. More air the wood burns faster, the maximum heat transfer. Less air – slow combustion, wood burning, heat output below.

A hybrid fireplace FONDIS Ulys

Manufacturers have invented many technologies in order for the fireplaces to be safe and effective. They have learned to accumulate the temperature inside the furnace for a cleaner combustion of fuel to heat the air supplied for combustion to increase combustion temperatures, digigate smoke and carbon monoxide at the exit of the furnace into the chimney, and much more. The efficiency of modern furnaces is very often exceeded 80%.

FONDIS fireplaces

All generated by the fireplace heat is accumulated on the surface of the furnace, from where is taken the so-called convection air. It is clean air, which is taken from the room, is heated in the caisson,-the connectors (insulated cavity around the firebox) and into the same room and given to the already hot. Moreover, the heated air can be distributed in rooms by means of the duct system. Thus, from a wood-burning fireplace can heat the whole house. Depending on the power of the furnace, it can be an area of 100-300 m2.

Often, such an air heating system works by natural convection (the hot air to rise creates a pressure in the heater), especially if the house is small. However, much more efficient are systems with injection. In fact, the convector is equipped with a fan, which speeds up the distribution of hot air in the premises and allows you to heat remote areas where due to natural convection of the air may not reach. Also user the ability to control the intensity of the heat by changing the speed of rotation of the fan.

A hybrid fireplace FONDIS Ulys

The idea of the smart fireplace is already beginning to emerge, isn’t it? So, we have a system for distributing heat on the house and the ability to control the intensity of heating. But there is one problem – the fireplace only works when someone is near him and throws wood. Even if not often (autonomy of modern fireplaces can reach from 3-4 to 8-12 hours on one full load the furnace with wood). So FONDIS went on, just adding to the schema convection fireplace heat pump air type. Actually – great air conditioning-inverter with a fan. It has fundamentally changed the nature of the use of the device that initially received the name “multi-energy fire.”

A hybrid fireplace FONDIS Ulys

The heat pump consists of two blocks – external (placed outside) and internal (mounted at the entrance to the caisson convector under the insert) and can operate both for cooling and for heating the air, which is then distributed via the duct system and delivered to every room.

FONDIS hybrid fireplace

Thanks to the electronic controls and sensors that measure room temperature, multi-energy fireplace is easily integrated into any control system smart home. In addition, it has its own remote control, with which the system can be programmed to maintain any desired temperature.

Fireplace FONDIS TME carries out cooling or heating of rooms by means of air conditioning depending on the needs and is particularly effective in the summer and in the offseason. And in the winter when you need more heat, you need to use a powerful wood-burning fireplace.

A hybrid fireplace FONDIS Ulys

In fact, I have a 3-in-1, which can provide economical electric heating or cooling and wood heating. And a unified system of distribution of heated or cooled air throughout the house. This arrangement, besides the main task – the creation of a comfortable climate, and even saves space in the house due to the fact that the conditioning, in fact, built into the fireplace. Besides decreases the number of outdoor units air-conditioning system, which can spoil the appearance of the building and create additional noise in the summer.

And most importantly – a real fireplace with an individual design is simply beautiful and create comfort in your dwelling.