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NBA 2K17 Review: One Of The Most Famous Basketball Simulators

NBA 2K17 is a game that continues the line of sports simulators. Depending on your desire, you can play career or rating games. At the moment the game is outdated. You can download NBA 2K17 from Steam to your computer to create your basketball career.

Gameplay - 3.5/5

Now you open the world of professional sports. In Career mode, you must build your career in professional basketball by playing matches against various opponents over and over again. Earlier in the game it was possible to play against real players on the servers, but from December 31, 2018, the servers were turned off.

Graphics and Audio Effects - 4.5/5

The graphics in the game are average. In the game itself, it is somewhat worse than in the cutscene, but you do not pay much attention to this. The game has a good soundtrack. The music is not annoying, fits well with the style, a very general taste. In-game sounds will also please, the noise and cries of the crowd, the reaction of the players, hitting the ball on the floor, everything is great and at the level.

Immersion - 3/5

Judging by the reviews of NBA 2K17 in Steam, the game does not attract as much as it positions itself. After the server was closed for multiplayer, people stopped being so interested in it.

Controls - 4.5/5

The control takes place with the help of a keyboard and a mouse, and the character control is fully adapted to the controller, since the mechanics for playing on the controller have been worked out for years and from game to game remain identical.

In-game purchases

You can buy a game in a digital product store, but the price for playing with disconnected servers is the cost at which it is sold now is too high. And also packs of players are sold for a fairly high price. And also inside the game, there are microtransactions that affect the more rapid character development.

To Sum Up

NBA 2K17 is a good game, but it is no longer worth the amount that is being asked for it now. The most interesting thing for which people downloaded NBA 2K17 is an online multiplayer competition with other players, but now that the game has stopped supporting its servers, the whole point of the game has also disappeared. Because the career is enough for several hours, and it is not worth a lot of money.


If you are a fan of basketball simulators, this game will suit you. But we advise to take a newer version of this line of games, since the meaning of the games is the same, but in this game there is less functionality..

Pros : Good graphics;
Good soundtrack game and audio effects inside the game;
Good customization of characters.

Cons : Lack of normal physics objects;
Unrealistic animation;
Silly artificial intelligence NPC;
No servers for online games;
High need for grind and special plot stretching.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 3.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.3

Very interesting singleplayer mode.
One of the most trending games right now!
Our team recommends this game to play. Very insistently
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